Drugstore Beauty : Lip Colors for Medium to Deep Desi Complexions

A common problem most girls with deeper complexions face is that they hardly find a lip color that actually suits them. Nudes end up washing you out, some pinks look too light on, mauves are too cool-toned to give the desired effect, one has to stick to older aunties muttering, “Browns might suit you better” Well guess what ? Heck no !

Break free from the boring browns of ages past and gift yourself the confidence of looking your best – happiness is just the right shade of lipstick away ?

I’m going to list a range of lipsticks and lipliners from drugstore brands available in Pakistan and India so you guys can find them easily available.

Before we dive in, warmer toned colors often look better on medium to deeper complexions – you could look for red, yellow and brick undertones in your lipstick. Some blue-toned lipsticks look great on medium complexions as well (more on this later in the post)

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