MAKEUPPerfect Your Summer Glow

With summer comes sun. My daily routine has changed drastically considering the exposure and it wasn’t until I bumped into a girlfriend recently who hasn’t seen me in a month, that pointed out I was glowing. I kid you not, no one is bigger on skincare than me. Growing up, my skin has always been an issue and exposing it to the sun only worsens it. However, that being said it was a massive compliment because of my paranoia.

So, back to my point of summer and skin exposure. Let’s face it, the sun is great because of its contribution to a tan but all at a price. Your skin can become dehydrated, damaged and lose its ability to repair itself.
So what am I doing differently? Literally less sun exposure and that’s not to say I don’t enjoy basking in outdoor settings. It goes without saying that SPF could be the most obvious of answers. Well it is partly that, but I’m using more skincare and less makeup and it’s plenty for the summer.

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