Basic Online Makeup Course

Welcome to the very first makeup course that is tailored for makeup on South Asian women and trends by maestro Nilo Haq with 15 years of experience as a pro makeup instructor and artist. With thousands of students and brides under her belt, this Basic Online Makeup Course has been designed to give a 1 on 1 experience that works using the most effective blend of knowledge and application demos.

This course is for you if you are:

  • looking to learn how to apply make-up properly on yourself or clients in less time
  • considering becoming a makeup artist or looking to improve your current makeup skills
  • a beauty professional looking to enhance your knowledge about makeup
  • a pro makeup artist looking to elevate your makeup game for South Asian women

You will have one year access to 12 comprehensive modules with pro techniques, tips, and tricks for South Asian women by Instructor Nilo Haq. Details by module below:

12 Comprehensive Modules
Module Workbook
Certificate of Completion
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Modules Plan

Module 1 Introduction to Makeup Artistry and Foundations

Ever felt like you’ve spent the money on foundations but aren’t getting the results promised? Kick off your learning with a knowledge-packed lesson on identifying what foundation formulations work for you and how to select shades that complement South Asian skin tones.

Module 2 Skin Prep, Analysis and Correction

Great skin will always be in! In this module, learn how to prep your skin for a smooth and lasting makeup application, analyze what your problem zones are and learn how to correct them – without having to spend hours!

Module 3 Color Correlation

The (eyeshadow/lipstick) colors that suit your favorite Instagram influencer? They may not suit you! Learn with Nilo how to identify what your undertones are and how to select shades that will compliment your specific skintone!

Module 4 Covering Dark Circles

Every South Asian female has had one (or ten!) issues with dark circles and covering them! Watch Nilo illuminate your under eye area and conceal dark circles while ensuring you look natural.. like you’ve had ten hours of much needed sleep!

Module 5 Covering Acne + Scars

Cystic acne? Deep scarring? In this module, Nilo will teach you exactly how to cover imperfections that might hamper your confidence with minimal products for long-lasting results! No touchups needed here!

Module 6 Shaping the Face

Learn how to identify what your face shape is, what areas to contour and where to highlight! We all have different bone structures – so forget the Pinterest hacks on how to contour/highlight because this is not a one-fits-all situation!

Module 7 Mature Skin

Mature skin just does not have the same elasticity younger skin does! This is the class that will teach you the secrets of making your skin look ‘lifted’ and helping you minimize wrinkles and fine lines, signs of a life well-lived!

Module 8 Natural Makeup Look

Got a get-together at home? Planning on doing a family photo-shoot? Practicing Eid/Diwali makeup? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to look natural, glowing, and how to subtly enhance your beauty from start to finish!

Module 9 Glam Makeup Application

A lesson full of tips and tricks to teach you how to perfect the glam look, while still looking like YOU! Eye shadow fall out? Liner woes? Worry not! Nilo Haq will teach your how to flawlessly replicate one of her most requested glam looks, on yourself, by yourself!

Module 10 Glowing Evening Makeup Application

Perfect for those who don’t have the time to get ready professionally before attending a special wedding/event? Learn how to look and feel like a million bucks as Nilo Haq takes your from start to finish in this glowing evening makeup application class keeping in mind the South Asian beauty and makeup trends.

Module 11 Natural Bronze Glam Look

Learn how to create 3-D skin, combat darkness around the lips and perfect the art of highlighting and contouring using banana powders.

Module 12 Victoria’s Secret Angel Inspired Look

Ever wanted to look naturally glam? This is the module for you! Packed with tips and tricks on how to make the latest makeup trends, like glass-skin, work for you.

Enroll Now for USD $179 USD $379
CAD $250 plus tax