Red Dress Bridal Virtual Class

CAD $99

You’ve all been asking for this course and have been patiently waiting – I have revealed all my top secrets on achieving my Signature Red Dress Bridal Look! This class is for my fellow makeup artists who have ever wanted to learn my tips and tricks on how to achieve the most flawless skin, how to perfect your eyeshadow application and so much more – nothing is held back! Every student will receive a Certificate of Completion!

In this class, we cover:

  • Makeup & Science: Understand  the science behind product textures and how it will influence your makeup
  • Skin Prep: Step-by-Step skin care and makeup prep
  • Color Theory: Planning the makeup to your bride’s outfit and overall look
  • What’s In Nilo’s Kit: Access to Nilo’s Bridal kit and learn about any recommended MUST HAVE products for all skin types
  • Brushes: The best brushes to invest in and have in your kit
  • Bridal Colour Correction: How to colour correct, brighten dark circles, cover pimples, marks and scars
  • Bridal Foundation: How to apply flawless foundation for a glowy look
  • Perfecting Brows – With a thorough explanation of brow products, tools and application
  • Glittery Gold Eyes: Step-by-step eyeshadow application – sharing my favourite glitters, my favourite brushes, and how to get the gold glitter to stay!
  • Eyeliner: How to apply liner with tricks to help you master a straight line, wing and accuracy
  • False Lashes: My tried and true false lash application tips – you’ll get to see how I get my bride’s lashes to never lift!
  • Nilo’s Signature Blush Method: 3D Blush application
  • Cream Contour
  • Liquid & Powder Highlight: Learn how I give my brides that GLOW
  • Perfecting the 3D Red Pout: How to shape, define and apply lip colour on all lip shapes
  • Long Lasting Makeup: How to make your bride’s makeup last

Course Details:

  • Fully Virtual Class on Instagram (You must have an Instagram account to join this class)
  • Q&A session
  • Every student receives a Certificate of Completion
  • Once you purchase your ticket, please request to follow NILOHAQACADEMY on Instagram
  • You can access the course for 1 full month!

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