Brides-to-Be Self Makeup Course


This self grooming course is designed to teach newly wed brides or bride-to-be everything you need to know about how to do your own makeup after you get married. Don’t waste money buying unnecessary products and learn how to build your personal makeup kit with products to suit your skin tone, makeup style and personality!

This is a 10-hours course which covers the following key areas:

  • Learn how to apply makeup that suits your style, skin, and face
  • Master Foundation, Contouring and Evening Makeup Looks for when you go out with hubby, dinner parties or meeting the in-laws.
  • Learn natural day-to-day makeup looks to look naturally beautiful even when your out running errands.
  • learn how to prep your skin for special occasions (naturally) and how to develop a good skincare regime.
  • Get personal recommendations from Nilo Haq on which foundation, concealer, powder and lipsticks to buy that would suit you!



  • Academy location: 43 Black Diamond Crescent, Brampton, ON (Mississauga Rd & Queen St)
  • Students are required to bring their own tools and makeup to class and practice during the week for 3-5 hours to best utilize the course




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